BH SWISS - Natural cosmetic products

Natural cosmetic products

Anti-Ageing Set

Intense Lifting Day Cream

Intense Lifting Night Cream

Intense Lifting Eye Cream

Intense Lifting Serum XL

Intense Cleansing Milk

Two Phase Skin Tonic

Intense Lifting Body Lotion

Intense Lifting Bust Beauty Cream

Anti-Aging Hand Care

Intense Lifting Lip Care

Intense Face Peeling

Intense Lifting Mask

Pharmacists with lab coats

Pharmaceutical products

We offer pharmaceutical products at competitive prices.

We provide wholesale pharmaceutical products in compliance
with regulations (GDP) and under the supervision of Swissmedic (Licence No. 511242-102605691).

Through our subsidiary, we also operate as a pharmacist with direct sales to the public.

Doctor with lab coat and heart

Hospital supplies and diagnostic kits

We provide support for marketing new products and regulatory checks.

We support you in your relations with the appropriate governmental bodies and regulatory authorities.

We supply the following tests:

pregnancy tests
ovulation tests
11 parameter urine test strips
fast ultrasensitive C-reactive protein tests

Beauty - BH SWISS - Ticino

Beauty Products

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Baby products - BH SWISS - Ticino

Baby care products

100% natural Swiss products for baby care

Nappy cream
Soothing ointment to effectively prevent nappy rash in babies

Face & Body Lotion
Neutral moisturising lotion for the face and body to protect and nourish your baby’s skin

Shampoo & Bath Cream
Nourishing bath cream to gently cleanse and protect your baby’s body, hair and skin

medical equipment - BH SWISS - Ticino

Medical equipment

We offer a full range of portable automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

Our defibrillators are aimed at both non-expert medical responders and healthcare professionals.

Durable and easy to use, they are suitable for all situations:
public places, swimming pools, stadiums, factories, rescue vehicles etc.

Featuring voice commands to guide the operator through the entire resuscitation process, AEDs are an ideal solution for early defibrillation of adults and children in the safest conditions.

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